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jeudi 17 février 2011

Fooling around with clay and glazes

This title looks a lot like the titles of a few famous
ceramics books.
I do not want to sound pretentious but it describes
very well my journey in the world of ceramics,
which seems never-ending.
When I was very young, I did everything to avoid
arts lessons but one day at the age of 25, while
doing medical post-graduate studies, I was convinced
by a fellow student to take up a ceramics course at
the « La Boutique d’Argile» ( The Clay Shop ) in
Quebec City. He told me it was a way to help
financially Brother Julien Cloutier who was starting
his ceramics school at that time, and an unexpensive
one to take some time off (1968).
I was hooked instantly and have always been since.
Not having to sell pots to earn my living I am more
interested in making decorative works than utilitarian
Having been involved in medical research for quite
many years, I have been conditioned by it and have
spent much time in testing clays and glazes.
Hence the title of my statement.
I use waste materials from steel plants located in
our area to color many of my glazes and clays.
I fire most of my work to cone 9 1/2 in reduction
in a 60 cubic foot downdraft gas kiln.
I have also published a book «Substitutions For
Raw Ceramics Materials» in 8 languages,
and a new one “Toxicology Ceramics Glass and
Metallurgy” in both our official languages here in

Maybe the title of my next book will be «Fooling
Around With Clay and Glazes»,
Who knows?

Edouard Bastarache

Fana de l’Espéranto
Esperanto fan

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